The 6th Energy Efficiency Workshop was held in the Centre Region

Today, Chisinau hosted the 6th meeting of the Regional Sector Working Group (RSWG) on the implementation of the Regional Sector Programme (RSP) for Energy Efficiency (EE) in public buildings and the evaluation of Possible Project Concepts (PPCs).

The meeting initially focused on discussing the development of viable project concepts (VPCs) for the Centre Development Region. GIZ advisors have introduced workshop participants to the plan of activities for VPC development. Discussions further focused on identifying financing sources for such projects, as well as on the dialogue with potential donors.

Next on the meeting agenda was an overview of the progress in developing the five VPCs selected for the Centre Region in Ungheni, Soldanesti, Calarasi, Dubasari and Straseni rayons. Ungheni rayon has already developed a draft of the project concept.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, the Ministry of Economy and Centre Regional Development Agency, as well as by energy managers and MLPS Project experts.

These workshops are organized with the support of 'Modernization of Local Public Services in Moldova' project, ‚Äč‚Äčintervention area 2: Regional Planning and Programming, which aims at supporting the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction and the RDAs in their EE regional planning efforts in the North, South and Centre development regions. Activities in the field of regional planning and programming are carried out with the support of the Swedish Government.

It should be noted that on 12 February 2014, the Centre Regional Development Council has approved the Regional Sector Programme for Energy Efficiency (public buildings) - an operational tool for regional planning, meant to enhance LPAs' capacity in developing sustainable regional projects and create conditions for developing energy efficiency projects portfolio, while incorporating the development needs of the sector concerned within the Development Regions, thus ensuring its compliance with sector policies, existing practices, and the relevant strategic framework. 

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